Plenty of Water – No Power

This was the river flow on 3rd October and it looks similar now. In my last post I explained some of the problems associated with running your own turbine well let me update you….


This is the screener on 17th October when I was down in the bottom of it digging out mud and leaves. Well the reason I have posted this photo now is this is what it looked like again two weeks ago when I was down in the bottom of it digging out mud and leaves.

It seems the high water after a rain storm, at this time of year, bring too many leaves, twigs and silt too fast for the screener to cope. As it is the screener, off course, can’t cope with silt and debris which sinks so, soon after a heavy rain, the forebay gets silted up and the screener gets jammed.

The good news is that when it’s running it runs at full blast and we’ve been suffering a heat wave in the house as I’d rather use the electricity than sell it to Southern Electric for 3p a unit.

But this isn’t really the reason for this Post. This happened once before when we had a power cut and it’s happened again. When the power goes off, which it does quite often here in a storm, the Turbine is stopped. It’s a safety feature for any home power production connected to the grid. They don’t want their workers electrocuted when working to repair the system by someone sending a few volts up the line in the wrong direction. Which you can understand. However to me it’s a matter of trust and there seems a certain “if we haven’t got power you can’t have any” to it.

But it’s not that which causes the problem. It’s the power surge. Last time it took about four days before we re-set all the trips and found and replaced the blown fuse. This time the main control board has had to be removed and sent back to the manufacturer. The board is supposedly surge protected but it didn’t quite make it – some of the components were fried….

So here I sit using about 2Kw of electricity which I’m having to pay for. I may get little sympathy from you guys – after all you’d say it’s only about 18p a Kwhr. But I’ve got a very expensive Turbine sitting in my shed and about 2000 litres per second of rainwater flooding my lawn.


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